Popular Web Design Trends of Today

There’s no denying the fact that Web design is a field full of creativity. The latest in terms of design trends keep on changing and evolving here. With the onslaught of innovation and new technology, the ability to create functional and unique sites has become a lot easier. Here are some of the popular design trends on the web today:

Custom illustrations

They are a great solution for adding unique visuals to screens. The playful and friendly illustrations are simple and effective in bringing a little fun to your website. Skilled illustrators can easily create designs which are completely tailored to match the personality and tone of any brand.

Bold typography

The use of bold, beautiful, and big typography helps create the correct tone, and evokes emotion and personality. With sharper resolutions, text becomes easier to read on-screen which is why it is possible to design hand-rendered typography which is unique from other designs.

Authentic photography

Websites built with authentic photography help create appealing brands. A lot of sites use stock photos, but they can quickly be detected as being unoriginal. That’s why, website designers are working harder on the imagery that is used on their site. By hiring a skilled photographer, it’s possible for them to get authentic photographs which matches the content of the web page 100%.

Mobile-first approach

The popularity of mobile-platforms is soaring nowadays. There are a lot of sites which are built keeping a mobile-first approach in mind. This approach means realising the limitations of mobiles like smaller screen sizes and building the site accordingly. This may mean less information or content on screen.

Overall, having the right principles of design in mind when you are working on a website is the only way to create something which is completely unique and attracts a wider target audience.