About Tech Headz

We live in a fully digital world and every single business out there needs to get up to speed on the latest technological developments.

It is abundantly clear that even the most simple of businesses need a good and visible online presence in terms of a good functional website that is also linked to sales and order taking as well as social media as part of their marketing plan.

On this website, you will find various posts on subjects that are relevant to business development from a technological and digital point of view. The informative posts will give you clear and simple information on a variety of topics including basic and advanced web design, coding language and procedures. You will also get tips on how to develop apps, and games as well as Search Engine Optimisation, keywords, tagging and how to embed video and other plugins into your website.

The information is aimed at beginners who want to understand the concepts of web design and technology in order to take their knowledge to the next level. This is so they can develop their skills and put them to good use in developing their own websites, and even apps and programs that will help to give them an edge in the competitive market that exists today.

We also feature a section on the biggest web design growth market that there is today which is the smart phone and tablet platforms. People use these machines to work while they are on the go, and it is important to keep up with the different trends that develop. This is a one stop shop solution for all web design and technology troubleshooting.